Scary Highways, Burst Blood Vessels And Heat, All Part Of The Trip

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August 4, Saturday (Ridgeland to Savanah):

More dreaded Hwy. 17. Things were fine until about 7 miles from the end. I had had 2 lanes going my way and I could deal with that even with no shoulder, though reluctantly. Then the traffic picked up. I didn’t like that but I kept going. But then it went down to 1 lane, lots of traffic and still no shoulder. I rode like that for a while and pulled into a drive, got off and looked at the traffic whizzing by in both directions and the lack of a shoulder. With cars coming from the opposite direction that meant that cars passing me couldn’t move much to the left. I looked ahead and told myself I could probably do it. Then I said, “probably? How dumb is that? Why would I do that?” The obvious answer was that I shouldn’t. So I called Uber because Patty had had to drive back from Ridgeland to Charleston to get a Kindle that was left behind. I felt much better in the car than I had on the bike though I was disappointed about not finishing the ride.

I got to our Inn way ahead of the truck and got lunch at a plant only restaurant. My lunch was called porridge but was unlike anything I have had before with seeds, leaves and flowers that I didn’t recognize and certainly don’t remember. I do know that I liked it which may surprise Sandi because she is constantly struggling to get me to eat greens.

One Of Many Impressive Residences


A Savanah Church (One Of Many)

Another Side Of Savanah

Patty At The Entrance To A Cemetery Turned Park


August 5, Sunday (R&R in Savanah):

What an elegant city, at least the historical district. Stately homes, tree lined streets, many with hanging “moss” that isn’t actually moss. Some good restaurants and an ice cream shop that always has a long line. And lots of small parks with abundant trees and grass.

We took a hop on hop off bus that gave a good tour of the city’s highlights. This isn’t the first on on this trip because they do give a good overview.


I am not caught up but it is late so I am going to defer. Downloading photos has taken way too long to finish tonight. Hopefully I will catch up in the next couple of days.











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4 Responses to Scary Highways, Burst Blood Vessels And Heat, All Part Of The Trip

  1. Barbara Siems says:

    Burst blood vessels? Sounds like major stories waiting to be told!

    Your alternate travel via Uber sounds like a very wise decision….

    My best, Bobbi

  2. Paul and Annie says:

    Can’t even imagine riding a road that narrow…glad to hear you took Uber! Porridge does sound interesting!! Love the photos of the homes too;-)

  3. Sandra Eng says:

    Glad you posted an update to reassure all that you have not been swallowed up by the mosquito swarm (hmmmm could be a horror movie) and that you continue to exercise good judgement staying off two lane highways with no shoulders. If adversity builds good character, you will have some awesome stories to tell. Stay safe and be well. Regards to Patty. Love, Sandi.

  4. Kat says:

    Glad you are eating more greens! oh, and yeah, being sensible.


    Not sure my comment posted the first time!

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