Revised And Completed Scary Highways, Burst Blood Vessels And Heat, All Part Of The Trip

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Getting Ready

The Road That Got Me To Call Uber; Those 2 Lanes Run In Opposite Directions

But 1 Of Many Trucks I was Sharing The Lane With

Another (Yes, The Experience Made An Impression On Me)

August 4, Saturday (Ridgeland to Savannah):

More dreaded Hwy. 17. Things were fine until about 7 miles from the end. I had had 2 lanes going my way and I could deal with that even with no shoulder, though reluctantly. Then the traffic picked up. I didn’t like that but I kept going. But then it went down to 1 lane, lots of traffic and still no shoulder. I rode like that for a while and pulled into a drive, got off and looked at the traffic whizzing by in both directions and the lack of a shoulder. With cars coming from the opposite direction that meant that cars passing me couldn’t move much to the left. I looked ahead and told myself I could probably do it. Then I said, “probably? How dumb is that? Why would I do that?” The obvious answer was that I shouldn’t. So I called Uber because Patty had had to drive back from Ridgeland to Charleston to get a Kindle that was left behind. I felt much better in the car than I had on the bike though I was disappointed about not finishing the ride.

I got to our Inn way ahead of the truck and got lunch at a plant only restaurant. My lunch was called porridge but was unlike anything I have had before with seeds, leaves and flowers that I didn’t recognize and certainly don’t remember. I do know that I liked it which may surprise Sandi because she is constantly struggling to get me to eat greens.


My “Porridge”

August 5, Sunday (R&R in Savannah):

What an elegant city, at least the historical district. Stately homes, tree lined streets, many with hanging “moss” that isn’t actually moss. Some good restaurants and an ice cream shop that always has a long line. And lots of small parks with abundant trees and grass.

We took a hop on hop off bus that gave a good tour of the city’s highlights. This isn’t the first on on this trip because they do give a good overview.

I am not caught up but it is late so I am going to defer. Downloading photos has taken way too long to finish tonight.
Hopefully I will catch up in the next couple of days.

Another Day, A Few Thousand More Pedal Strokes

Thank You, Terry. The Cold Gatorades Were Appreciated

A Curious Kitten

Lots Of Beautiful Water On This Trip

There I Go

This Road, And The Traffic You Don’t See, Chased Me To The SAG

Our Great Sea Food Dinner

August 6, Monday (Savannah to Brunswick):

When the roads were decent, it was a great ride. Including fast as in 17.3 mph over 67 miles and 778 feet of climb which was brought down some by stops and wasn’t aided by drafting.

But then Highway 17 once again took its toll on me. Fast cars and no place to ride other than in their lane. Nope, I wasn’t up for that so got into the truck when I caught up to where Patty had stopped. Patty thought I was crazy for having ridden as long as I did.

Before then I stopped at what I thought was a market but turned out to be a tire shop that was a converted C-Store. I thought it still was since I had seen some people sitting and eating inside. Terry, the owner, saw me dripping wet – temperatures were 90 to 95 – and ended up giving me a couple of Gatorades. Thank you, Terry. While I was there I had some one check out my bike.

We had dinner at a small local restaurant that served us blue crabs, snow crabs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn on the Cobb in a garlic butter that was delicious. We definitely recommend it.

Good Bye Brunswick

The Dirt Road But You Can’t See The Potholes Or The Dogs

Entering The Final State

This Prompted Patty To Contact Her Doctor Husband

A Beautiful Bridge Entering Jacksonville

Part Of Our Sushi Dinner

August 7, Tuesday (Brunswick to Jacksonville):

Roads were generally good, there was no rain and it was hot.

Before that I crossed into Florida, the final state of this trip!

Part of the ride included a 4 mile stretch of dirt road that had so many pot holes and bumps, and some times small sands pits that my speed went from well over 17 mph to just over 16 mph. That’s what happens when you ride as slowly as 6 mph.

Just before the end I had 2 large unfenced dogs start barking and running toward me. When I say large,, I mean small Rottweiler size. I stopped and got off which has been the best defense. There was no way I was going to get in a race on that road. I would have ended up being dog food. When I stopped, the dogs stopped and backed up. I ended up walking around 100 yards to where the dirt road turned onto a paved road. The dogs had lost interest by then.

At 42 miles and all of 407 feet, Patty caught up with me. I got in, took off my sunglasses and heard her exclaim. When I looked in a mirror I realized why. My left eye was so blood shot as to be scary. Way worse than it had been in the morning. She took a photo and sent it to her husband who is a physician. He promptly said that it could be an infection and if so it needed to be treated sooner rather than later. So that we could make an appointment if necessary, I put my bike on the rack and we drove into Jacksonville. We went to Costco to see the optometrist who was busy and then the pharmacist who said a doctor should look at it. We were able to get a prompt appointment though there was some waiting once I got there. But it was a doctor ‘s office so no big surprise. The result was that I only had a burst blood vessel which sounds way worse than it really is. No pain and no treatment is necessary, it should return to normal in a couple of weeks. The doctor said that in cases as extreme as mine the person had usually been on a blood thinner. She asked if I had taken any aspirin, Advil or anything and was surprised that I hadn’t given all of the riding I have been doing. She repeated that in the normal case the patient would have been on a blood thinner but said that there is nothing normal about someone having spent so much time on a bike (I had given her a Laura’s Ride Atlantic Coast card).

We enjoyed our sushi dinner.

Headed For St. Augustin e, Again

Thank You For The Laundry, Patty

August 8, Wednesday (Jacksonville to St. Augustine):

Today was a short ride – 44 miles – mostly on roads that had a bicycle lane. There was a bit of a head wind and it was very hot, 95 or so and humid. I have to have some reason for ending the 44 miles with a 16.6 mph average given that there had been miles where I was riding between 18 to 21 mph. Though flat, I did register 535 feet of climb.

The last 20+ miles was on Hwy. 1 and A1A along the coast. However I was seldom able to see the ocean either because of homes or vegetation covered dunes that blocked the view.

Our first ride – Nick and me as riders, Ale and Sarah as drivers = ended in St. Augustine but this time we approached from the north rather than from the west. This time I wasn’t greeted by any riders coming out to meet us or anyone cheering at the end of the ride.

St. Augustine, our country’s oldest European settled city, is a fun place to visit. History, old buildings, lots of shops and restaurants and, of course, the ocean and beaches. Only Sandi was missing this time.

I have now ridden through the 2 cities where Laura’s Ride 216 and Laura’s Ride North ended, Portsmouth, NH and St. Augustine, FL respectively.

I hope I don’t wait as long to post next time. I appreciate those of you who have let me know that you had noticed the delay in my posts. It is more fun knowing that some are actually reading this.

I will post about today’s ride into Daytona Beach tomorrow.

Good night,

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11 Responses to Revised And Completed Scary Highways, Burst Blood Vessels And Heat, All Part Of The Trip

  1. Sandra Eng says:

    The tenor of your blog has changed, you sound upbeat and chipper even–could it be the porridge and greens or that you have crossed over into your last and final state of Florida? I recall enjoying St. Augustine during Laura’s Ride 2016 and glad that Patty will get to experience it too. Continue to ride safely and enjoy your R&R in Daytona Beach. Love, Sandi.

  2. Paul and Annie says:

    Oh the stories!! Have to say the eye looks bad! But Sandi is right, your tone sounds good and upbeat. Hang in there Rick!! Looking forward to welcoming you back.

    • Rick Perez says:

      Hmmm, I wonder how I am miscommunicating?
      Actually, kidding. I am doing ok and the lack of mountains and rain has helped. I know there are no mountains between here and the end but I have no idea about the rain. Today Patty got out of the truck, turned to me – I was in the truck; it is an R&R day – and said it is raining. I was about to say no big deal because there were just a few drops and before I could finish the sentence, the skies opened up. It only lasted for about 30 minutes but while it was raining it was pouring and the wind was howling. I won’t ride in that if there are any cars around and for the rest of the ride I expect there will be.

  3. Ryan says:

    Hi Dad, we’re reading too! Stay safe on the small roads.

  4. Sal P Italiano says:

    Florida already???? Yahooo

  5. Kat says:

    Wow, that is one scary eye Rick. Glad to hear it is okay and so are you. Enjoy lovely Florida!


  6. Barbara Siems says:

    Well, after the suspense we now know what “burst blood vessels” refers to. Glad it’s apparently not serious.

    I agree with the “Florida already” comment. Maybe it’s my perception, but this east coast trip seemed to go faster than the OR to NH one. Hope you enjoy the end of it – I’ll miss hearing what new adventures come your way as you proceed on.

    Stay safe…. Bobbi

  7. Patty says:

    I’m back from Florida and left Rick in Fort Lauderdale where Johnny took over as the driver. Now sitting in my backyard in the Westside of LA feeling the beautiful weather, I’m thinking “I don’t miss Florida humidity!” And I wasn’t even riding! The daily applied sunblock and bug spray left us feeling even stickier in the high humidity. Rick is pretty much all dripping wet from head to toe when I catch up to him.
    I will miss the daily new adventures when following Rick’s ride and his final destination to Key West. You’re incredible and crazy Rick! Be safe!

    • Rick Perez says:

      Thank you, Patty. Your help is appreciated and I am sorry that neither you nor Ale will be there for the finish. “The finish” is now only 2 days away. Only 2 50 mile days. A piece of cake. Except for maybe the 95-100 degree temperature and the constant head winds. But a piece of cake nonetheless.

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