Quebec City, The Start

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I arrived here on Thursday and spent the night at a motel near the airport. Although I had a middle seat from SFO to Montréal, the flight was ok. The jet was very new, the seats were comfortable – remember, I am not as tall as many of you – and there was a pretty good movie selection. However, I don’t know how large people manage -and we have seen quite a few – because there was absolutely no extra space in the bathroom even for me.

I took Uber from the motel I had booked on line to the house we are staying in through Airbnb. And after Alejandra’s arrival Friday evening, we have used Google maps to find our way around. In fact, that is how Ale found her way from Orinda to here. Tell me technology isn’t useful.

I spent my first evening on a walk and ran into some live music at a local mall. They wewr really pretty good with their cover songs, from Roy Orbison (in French), to Johnny Cash to the Beetles (both in English).

Old Town Quebec City has a very European flavor to it with the old buildings and the prevalence of French, both in the spoken language and on all of the signs. I should say the flavor of an European tourist town because Old Town is devoted pretty exclusively to tourists. It is still interesting, however, because of the architecture and French culture.

Yesterday we watched a very accomplished street performer from Mexico who performed a number of very athletic acrobatic acts on a very large, heavy “hula hoop” and a wobbly 15 foot pole. What an amazing body; picture Hans’ no fat with even more muscle. He was a performer, too, with quite a sense of humor, some of which was directed at our anti-Mexican immigration policy, as contrasted with Canada’s, including the large wall he would build between Mexico and Trump with the money he earns from performing. He was much more skilled on the pole than were the girls at the strip club we visited last night. No wonder it has been 15 years since I had been to one; it was really pretty boring and a bit sad.

Dinner was a hamburger for Ale ($18), snails (no, they didn’t call them escargot$11) and an onion soup with cheese (not listed as French onion, but that is what it would have been at home; $10).

We hadn’t realized that this weekend celebrates Canada Day, commonly referred to as the country’s birthday but more accurately the anniversary of the formal joining of the 3 separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We are returned to Old Town later this afternoon to view some of the festivities but were too late. We did enjoy an outdoor street side meal although the service was nonexistant I can’t recall having previously intentionally not left a tip but the decision was cemented for me when we couldn’t find the waiter to pay the bill after having told him that we wanted the check. While leaving I saw him in a side room folding napkins having apparently forgotten about us.

Tomorrow starts the ride with 73miles, depending on the exact location of the motel finds for us in St. George’s, Canada. I hope I enjoy getting back on the bike. Actually, I am looking forward to it.

More after I have actually ridden some,

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  1. Paul and Annie says:

    So glad to hear you arrived safely. Nicholas went there in 7th grade because he was taking French in school. They went during the winter for their ice festival. Far different than the pictures you showed. Good luck today, hope you enjoy your first ride, that it invigorates you to begin this journey!

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