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Patty Got Me Moving Along

The Injured Turtle

One Of Numerous Bridges I Have Crossed

More Roadway

My part of the journey with Rick was from Charleston, SC to Fort Lauderdale, Fl. It was fun to trek through the cities and see a new city almost everyday. But the more meaningful and amazing part of my experience is helping and watching Rick prepare for the day’s ride then seeing him riding and riding. Despite Florida’s hottest months and high humidity, Rick takes a deep breath here and there, then continues to keep going. I can say that he is maybe part machine and part human! Everyone we encounter thinks he’s either crazy or amazing. During his breaks after a few hours of riding he is drenched from head to toe. He’ll wipe down, cool off with ice water, take in some cool air from the truck’s air conditioning then off he goes again. This is day after day, week after week and into months of pure persistence. At the end of each ride he will shower then act like it’s just another normal day, ready to go out, unfazed. That is kind of unreal to me, how is that possible? But that is Rick.

Lucky for the people around him that he continues to remain pleasant, humble and never whining or complaining about anything. Only once did he yell “HELLO!” when he was passing by as I was getting gas for the truck. It made me jump since I’ve never heard him yell before and I’ve known him for 16 years.







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  1. Bobbi Siems says:

    Your comments draw a pretty clear picture of what it’s like for him – thanks!


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