Past Eureka to Garberville

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August 2 – 55 miles, 2,120 feet, 2,932 calories

Today was similar to much of yesterday. Aside from 94 degree heat at the end of the ride, good weather, great scenery, but of redwood forests rather than ocean views, and problematic traffic and shoulders, both the road’s and mine. And another riding partner.

I had just stopped on 101 when Robert pulled up next to me. I hadn’t known he was in back of me, but apparently he had been gaining on me for a while. He asked if he could ride with me and of course I was more than pleased to have his company. I saw from his jersey that he also qualifies for the triple double meaning he has ridden 200 miles in a single day at least 3 times in a year. So, Kat, now you aren’t the only crazy one I have met.


He led the way, saying we would get off at Avenue of the Giants in a few miles. It turns out that it is about 28 miles of 2 lane road going through redwood forests. Most of the surface was good ‐ I have to mention that before commenting on the beautiful surroundings ‐ and mostly there was limited traffic. However, Ale later told me that she was concerned about not being able to see a bicyclist on the portions of the road that were in the redwoods’ shadows. Thankfully that didn’t cause me a problem, at least that I was aware of.

(Avenue of the Giants)

I was again reminded of what a difference the road’s surface makes. None of it was bad, but when it got especially smooth I could shift to a higher gear, pedal more easily and go faster. In other words, I could have more fun.

Tomorrow to Willits. I am a bit apprehensive because Robert said that much of the road/traffic conditions are pretty sketchy. However, we couldn’t find lodging in Mendocino or anywhere near it. I have decided that if the riding conditions get too threatening, I will use the SAG. Which might help me deal with the 2 raw spots I am developing where I make contact with the saddle. Bag Balm helps, but hasn’t eliminated them, even with the help of the chamois cream. Between that and the stabbing pain between my shoulder blades, one might think that I am aging or something.

Enough for now. I hope Vince and Robert read these posts and leave a Comment.

Good night,

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  1. Bobbi Siems says:

    Biking through Redwood Forests sounds especially lovely….

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