One Of The Many Lakes Missing From The Last Post

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Just 1 Of The Many Lakes

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5 Responses to One Of The Many Lakes Missing From The Last Post

  1. Bobbi Siems says:

    Ok – I caught up with you on your blog! It’s really nice you are enjoying the NE so much. And much to my surprise, where you are is triggering memories for me. My freshman year in college my parents were stationed in the Boston area, and a friend visited me there. We took the train into Boston and went to see Sound of Music – funny I remember that more than the historical sites. I also remember lying on the ‘beach’ at Walden Pond.

    Hope you continue to enjoy the trips and to meet such kind and helpful folks along the way! I agree – the sign that met you on this side of the Canadian border is not the best of America.

  2. Bobbi Siems says:

    Well I caught up with your blog – and posted a comment I’m not finding. I’m quite sure I did things right, so maybe it’s somewhere.

    Anyhow – I’m glad you are enjoying the ride and scenery so much. And it’s wonderful people are being so kind and enthusiastic along the trail.

    Your Boston comments reminded me of the summer after my freshman year – my folks were near there so I spent the summer there. I don’t remember much but Walden Pond and seeing Sound of Music in Boston.

    It’s great this is basically positive for you – keep on enjoying it!

  3. Paul and Annie says:

    So great to see your photos and that you are enjoying yourself too! Paul and I arrived in Boulder today, driving for the last two days…from California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and finally Colorado. You would not want to do this ride on a bike!!
    Love the lobster photo;-)

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