Oceanside to San Diego – The last work day.

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August 19 – 44.5 miles, 1,638 feet, 2,302 calories

The Garmin is working again after leaving it on and letting the battery totally run out.

It was the penultimate day with only a 20 mile ride the next day.  The work aspect was mitigated by the fact that the destination was the home of my best friends in law school, Ken and Marianne Klayman, who I hadn’t seen in years. 

As has been true lately, the ride was on reasonable roads that didn’t have me threatened by the traffic. As usual, the weather was good, which can go without saying by this time. There were a few stretches where I could push pretty good, including roads on which cyclists were permitted to use the entire right lane, which feels very good.

Along the way, I met Dave, a contemporary who lives in Encinitas. We rode together for a few miles and I enjoyed the company.


Possibly the biggest challenge of the day was trying to figure out Google’s directions after it led me onto the UCSDi. After being led onto dead end paths through campus I finally went in a direction that felt right until the sane version of Google kicked back in.

The ride to Ken’s involved some climbing, topped off with a short stretch of 11%.

Certainly the company and hospitality were worth it.

Now on to the Completion Of The Journey to make Twice Across + 2 come true. 

Best, Rick

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