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My feet, my feet.

Under any circumstances I will never enter a beauty feet contest. I do not have a semi-decent feet to begin with. Many  years of running on hard surfaces made a number on them. Well, the riding across the country is adding another feature to my lovely feet, already developed a thick crust on my soles. By the end of the ride I will have HOOFS. Oh well! All for cause and the fun.

American Indians.

Although, this is not the proper venue to be political,  but, crossing Arizona and now in New Mexico I have observed and realized that the area given to these people is nothing else but desert, plain desert. Further more, visiting art galleries in these two States, I learned that most of the business owners are not American Indians. White American people and foreigners handle the commercialization and (speculative) getting the bulk of the profits. I don’t have any data for a professional analysis, just my nosiness talking to people and asking questions.

Long time on the saddle and away from routine  makes me think a lot about different aspects of my daily life back home.

So far so good

No need for me to talk about the rides themselves. Only to point out that I am very happy doing this journey. Talking to people from different back grown is something I enjoy greatly. For example, yesterday I learned that the commission of a particular gallery for selling art work is 50%, also, with 2 sales a week they are fine, economical speaking. Is somebody would like to get in this kind of business I think is good one, practically no overhead other than rent and the salary of a nice looking lady.


Good nigh everybody,

Hasta manana senoras y senores,


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  1. Sandi Eng says:

    I hope it wasn’t an early night for you, Nick!

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