Key West

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Johnny Before His Bike Ride

Duvall Street Minus Its Typical Traffic

The Pier I Finished On

A Key West Beach

One Of A Zillion Restaurants

Barry Cuda Playing The Piano And Singing

Counting His Tips

Johnny And The SAG He Is Driving

August 18 – Saturday through Monday (R&R in Key West):

Johnny fell in love with Key West. It does have a lot going for it. A beautiful ocean, frequently sunny skies, an “old town” that is loaded with shops and restaurants and generally a laid back atmosphere. The apartment we stayed in was a plus, too. We both liked the apartment itself and its location was perfect being right on the main strip so that most everything was within easy walking distance. It was a perfect place to stay for a romantic getaway which also suggests its biggest problem for us; we – Johnny and I – had only each other and not a romantic partner. Oh, well.

Saturday night I went to listen to Barry Cuda on Sal’s recommendation. He is a renowned blues magician and I was very glad I looked him up. I was surprised at the venue, though. It was a small fish shack and when I sat “shack,” I am being accurate. All of the seating is outdoors under a canopy and the music is readily available to anyone walking by on the sidewalk. However, both the music and the food were good.

I approached Barry Cuda during a break to tell him I had just arrived on a bike from Canada and that a friend had told me that I had to go listen to him. He was pleased, both about the recommendation and my bike ride. He then said that he and his girl friend had ridden about 5,000 miles in Europe one year. Of course, he did that when he was 24 which was probably 45+ years ago.

Sunday Johnny rented a bike Sunday spent the day riding around much of the island. He came back pumped up about Key West. I had spent enough time on a bike in the Florida sun so opted to stay in and enjoy the apartment’s air conditioning. Later in the day I did go for a walk to the north end of Duval street,

Johnny also spent Monday in the sun while I tried to avoid it. Tuesday was the drive to the airport in Orlando from which I was going fly home on Wednesday.

Though this is the end for today, I am not yet done posting.

Good night and I will be back early next week.







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  1. Bobbi Siems says:

    Sounds relaxing & rather Caribbean – fun!

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