Key West And The “Good To Be Home” BBQ

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The Pier I finished My Ride On

One Of The Many Wild Chickens

A Key West Building

A Key West Bar

Yes, There Are A Lot Of These

One Of Many Restaurants

August 19 – 21, Monday through Wednesday:

Two days and no bike. What am I going to do? Well, given the heat and humidity, probably not much. I spent enough time in the sun over the past few weeks and plan on enjoying the air conditioning of our very nice Key West apartment.

I did it. 2 days of very little activity in Key West, a place I recommend visiting, though when it isn’t quite so hot. It is almost totally surrounded by the ocean, it is tropical, the downtown area is quaint though very much dedicated to tourists, the numerous chickens that wander throughout that part of the island are colorful, there are lots of places to eat, including numerous price points, there is a very definite laid back beach attitude and it is only 90 miles from Cuba.

Tuesday was spent driving to Orlando – well, for me it was being driven to Orlando since Johnny did all of the driving – and Wednesday I flew home.

Blue, Our American Bulldog

Buttons, Our Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Fey, Kevin’s Cat

Bear, Who Now Resembles A Panther


August 21, Monday:

HOME. After being gone for 2 months, it was great to be home. I got to see our menagerie of pets; Blue our American Bulldog, Fey, Calle and Bear, our cats, and Buttons, our Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo (for those who are old enough, think Baretta’s bird). I think that all of them, even including the cats, were glad to see me. As an aside, Blue is named after Paul Bunyon’s blue ox because of his size; Bear   looked like a black bear cub as a kitten although he now looks like a sleek black panther; we originally found Calle, which means street in Spanish, on the street in Buenas Aires; and Buttons got her name because when I first met her, she was prone to leaning over and popping buttons off of shirts with a quick bite. Kevin, my son, named Fey and I am not sure of the origin of her name.

Home also of course meant reuniting with Sandi and Kevin. I mention them after the pets because neither was home when I first returned whereas the pets were. I also of course reconnected with Ryan, Angela, Ember and Trace, my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

I almost immediately drove to Truckee with a couple of friends to attend Sal’s bachelor party. Though I must say that, as stated by Michael Stephens, none of us were there, we don’t know where there was, we have no idea what happened and, on second thought, we don’t know if there was actually a bachelor’s party.

Paul And Annie’s Home

Some Of Our BBQ Guests

More Guests

“Twice Across +” Now Describes My Formigli One And Me

Impossible Without Sandi

Vera Of The Lazarex Cancer Foundation

September 1, Saturday:

Our “Good To Be Home” BBQ was graciously hosted at the home of our good friends Annie and Paul Barendregt. It was my chance to say hi to numerous friends I hadn’t seen since before I had left back in late June. I mentioned at the BBQ that it was named “Glad To Be Home” and not “Welcome Home” because I have no doubt that my coming home was more important to me than it was to those we invited to the party. As I alluded to above, 2 months is a long time to be away from home for a myriad of reasons. Family, pets, friends and just the familiarity of home are all missed and are the reason for being homesick, a malady from which I sometimes suffered this summer.

The BBQ’s venue was great, the food delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the company. I am only sorry that Kristina, my daughter, and Alejandra, Patty and Johnny, my drivers, couldn’t be there because they live in Los Angeles, Puebla, Mexico Los Angeles and Las Vegas, respectively. They were all warmly thought of, though.

I am excited because I JUST learned that one of my sponsors and a long time client who had already donated $1,000 just sent in another $2,000. That got us over not only the recent goal of $7,000, but put us well past $8,000 which I hoped to reach to match or exceed last year’s total. Thank you Sam Ishaq/Andoil. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by those served by the Lazarex Cancer Foundation and by me. Sam’s note to me after last year’s ride that his service stations would support another ride if I did one was a major impetus for me doing Laura’s Ride Atlantic Coast. His latest donation, together with everyone else’s, certainly makes me feel that the effort was worthwhile.

I want to get this posted so I will end now with one more post in the offing. Maybe the more I post, the more donations will come in.

Thank you for now,




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One Response to Key West And The “Good To Be Home” BBQ

  1. Kat Arber says:

    Too funny Rick! You guys weren’t in “Vegas” so I guess you have to admit you were in Truckee. I know, what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin!
    Congrat’s on exceeding your fundraising goal.

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