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In my previous post, when I talked about vehicles, I forgot to mention the large number of RVs that travel up and down the freeway. it’s really amazing the activity on the roads. only to be seen when you travel a slow speed, otherwise you are with the flow of traffic and only see few vehicles around you.

It has been 17 days since I left my house. 17 days of adventure and fun, the team is extraordinary, of course we had some mishaps but all good.  Now, I’m going to open my heart to tell you that in spite of all the fun I am missing a lot of thing like my house, my family, my family of choice (friends of 30 years), my masonic brothers, my weekly meeting with Pastor David, my church, my dogs “Luigi and “Guido”, my cats “Spicy Girl”, “Vittorio” and “Turner”. NO – NO I’m not depressed, I just miss the things I am use to in a regular basis.

Okay, unloaded my chest make me feel better.

Changing the subject, I have to mention that I was expecting to shed some pounds, but at the rate we are eating, I will roll down to go from one place to another. No body helps neither the girls nor Ricky. Oh Well! – Here we go one more time “Tomorrow I will start my Diet”

Good night to who ever is up there,

Love you all!!!!!!!




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  1. Sandi says:

    Hi Nick: I understand the feeling of missing the people, pets, and things that one would normally be surrounded with. I miss you both and cheer you on for your sacrifices, the inconveniences, isolation, and discomfort of being on your bikes for hours on end. This is a life changing experience, one that cannot be easily duplicated, unless you are David Freeze. Keep on keeping on and know that many are in awe and inspired by what you are doing. Love to you, Sandi

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