Couldn’t Have Been Better

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Leaving Littleton With No Expectation Of Rain And There Was None

The Scenery Was Pretty But Apparently My Lens Was Wet; Sorry

Same Problem

July 26, Thursday (Littletown to Wilson):

What, no complaints? I have to mix it up sometimes.

No rain. All day and no rain. That in itself was news. Good news.

Country roads. That meant a minimum of traffic. And what there was invariably either waited for oncoming cars to pass us before going around me or they just moved over into the opposite lane to pass me. Plus, the road surfaces went from good (a pebble like surface but with a minimum of potholes and jarring seams) to great (a smooth surface that immediately increased my speed and reduced my effort). The climbs were generally pretty gradual and totaled only 1,906 feet in the 59 mile ride. The temperature wasn’t bad, maxing out at 90 and there were minimal headwinds, though no tail winds. I ended up at 16.4 mph which I am satisfied with over that distance and with no drafting. But, as I have said, it isn’t a race. Which is a good thing because I doubt that there is any race that my speeds would do well in.

The scenery was pastoral with large pasture like fields typically backed by hills covered with green trees. Most of the houses – when there were houses – were modest but there were some that would qualify as mansions. There are a lot of beautiful places in our country. Unfortunately many of them have some major weather disadvantages, like oppressive humidity and heat in the summer and snow in the winter which I understand can get to be annoying.

I saw few, as in maybe 3, c-stores or small markets on these back country roads but numerous churches. There were churches in areas where there were no visible homes. And, of course, there were churches where there were visible homes. Personally, I could have used more stores and fewer churches but since I am just passing through, I don’t think my preferences were of any significance at all.

I am including a couple of photos from the restaurant we at at last night in Littleton that were taken after I posted last night. The view of Lake Gaston was beautiful though it isn’t the first pretty water view we have had at dinner time. Lake Gaston is large enough that someone I talked to had traveled 40 minutes by boat from Virginia to eat at the restaurant, The Pointe at Lake Gaston.

I can only hope that riding conditions are as good tomorrow. So I am hoping.


PS: Our route and schedule has varied some from what I had planned when Maria created the map on this web site so the towns that are showing up may not be the same as where we actually stay.

The Pointe At Lake Gaston

A Part Of The Pointe And A Bit Of The Dock

A View From The Pointe

And Another





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2 Responses to Couldn’t Have Been Better

  1. Sal P Italiano says:

    Clear up that Lense Ricky…..good pics need to be seen!
    Glad the weather is improving for you. You’re kicking arse and taking names…keep up the great work

  2. Paul and Annie says:

    Love your photos!! Glad to hear the weather had been good for you as well!

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