Cloverdale to Napa – Almost Home

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August 5 – 63 miles, 1,300 feet

Still no Garmin, so the numbers are from Google Maps. I miss the ride data but am living without it. Reluctantly.

Today’s ride was fun. Especially when I got to the Silverado Trail, which I have driven many times (my late in-laws had a home in Calistoga which we visited frequently when the kids were young) and parts of which I have ridden on before. The shoulders are good, both wide and smooth, and the climbs, such as they are, are gradual enough to enjoy both ascending and descending. Without the computer I can’t say how fast I was going, but I think it was a decent rate.

Before the Silverado Trail was Hwy. 128 and the climb through the hills north of Calistoga. Lots of vineyards, not a lot of traffic and mostly decent roads. As with most of this trip, the scenery was pretty, but much different than when we were on the Coast.

I expected to see more bike riders but only saw one group, though somewhat scattered, while on the Silverado Trail. From their jerseys I knew they were from the San Ramon Valley and many were retired. Apparently they had ridden from Yountville to Calistoga and back.

My ride went through Calistoga, which was fun because it has been a long time since I had been in the town itself. I know that it is quite the destination and it could be worth coming back to spend some time there. Though I don’t intend to get there by bike.

There was a bike path that shot me through Calistoga to the start of the Silverado Trail and there was a bike path that lasted a number of miles heading into Napa, the Napa Vine Trail. It was smoothly paved, well maintained and free of traffic. There were few enough walkers so that they didn’t get in the way. At the suggestion of Jeff Miller, my former law partner and still friend, we ate at the Celedon Restaurant in downtown Napa.  I have already told Jeff that it was a great recommendation. Both Ale and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals.


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  1. You can be travel writer for your next gig! Much love and and thanks to you and Ale. We ( Lazarex) deeply appreciate your efforts on behalf of the patients we serve. Thanks to Sandi for her efforts on social media and for living without you for this journey. Safe travels!

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