113 Miles, 5,859 Feet Of Climb And Grades Of 14, 15 And Even 16%

Leaving Boston

Leaving Worcester

Sorry, The Trees In The Distance Are Too Far To Make Out; There Were Lots Behind Me

Just Because

We Both Had The Clam Chowder , New England Style Of Course

Yes, The Lobster Was Good

Of course the 113 Miles, 5,859 Feet Of Climb And Grades Of 14, 15 And Even 16% would be more impressive if it weren’t spread over 2 days. Which it was. In fact, yesterday, from Boston to Worcester was, only 46.1 miles, which was especially nice. Today’s 66.9 miles from Worcester – pronounced “Wooster” – to Windsor Locks, CN, even with 3,600+ feet of climb, with some as steep as 16% but, thankfully for very short distances, went really well.

Other than sounding like a broken record by saying that the scenery was beautiful both days with lots of lush vegetation and numerous lakes and rivers and good roads with nice weather, I really don’t have much to say. I didn’t meet anyone and there were no noteworthy events (which is probably a good thing).

Aside from fighting through some discomfort between my shoulder blades – something that was troubling at times last year – I felt good, including at the end of both days. In fact, my legs aren’t feeling tired when I am off the bike as they did for the first week plus. All-in-all, things are going great.

Good enough that I finished the day with a 1 ½ pound lobster dinner for only $24.95, together with a Stella. I wouldn’t do that nightly, but it was good. Ale had grilled salmon for about the same price and she enjoyed that as well.

Oh, have I mentioned lately how helpful she is? If not, let me do so now. She is indispensable.

The scenery has reminded me of a major reason I decided to do this year’s ride, aside from helping breast cancer victims and wanting to add a “+” to “Twice Across.” If everything else is equal – i.e., roads, traffic, wind, temperatures and climbing – it is easier for me riding in this environment than it was in much of what I rode through last year and the year before. While some love the desert and the vastness of the open plains, I prefer trees, green and water, at least when it isn’t pouring on me.

Here is hoping that tomorrow’s ride into Millerton, NY goes as well. Yes we have been going through the states lately from 6 days riding in Maine, to New Hampshire, through Massachusetts, into Connecticut and on to New York tomorrow. 670+ miles and counting.

I look forward to your comments. And to your donations. After all, this ride is called LAURA’S Ride Atlantic Coast for a reason.

Until next time,