Carmel to Cambria – With Cambria Behind Me, It Feels Like It Is All Downhill From Here

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August 10 – 73.5 miles, 5,846 feet, 3,913 calories

The Coast along here is absolutely gorgeous. The ocean is always special but the rugged coastline is nothing short of spectacular. Ale went on a short hike but said it was some of the most beautiful scenery that she has seen.

What can I say about this ride? There is a lot of climbing, there is a lot of twisting road, there is a definite lack of a shoulder for many miles and there were enough cars to detract from the ride’s fun. There were also stretches that make riding as fun as it can be. I got sore shoulders and, ultimately, tired legs. I wasn’t as fast as I have been on previous rides along here. I don’t know if that is because this year the ride immediately followed a number of days of riding, because the traffic slows things down or because I am 5 years older than the last time I did this ride. The last is my least favorite explanation.

At the last commercial stop before the start of the final climbs, I met Marcus McKee of Texas. Marcus is also riding from Canada to the Mexico border. But he is doing it by riding a bike that, when loaded, which it typically is, weighs around 100 pounds. And he goes downhill on that thing as though it was safe. Safe travels, Marcus.

It is almost 11, which is at least an hour past my bedtime on this trip. So I am going to end this because I have to get to sleep.

Literally, good night.


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