The Planning Is Underway!

When the idea for this ride first came to me, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to help Rick and Nick get their message out. Although I did not know Laura, I DO know Nick, and know that when he sets his mind to something he makes it a reality.

After meeting with Nick and Rick, and discussing what should be on this site, we all agreed that the most useful way to track activity would be on a map, where our followers can see the ride’s progress, and click on different locations to hear about the riders’ experiences and see photos of the activity. As a result, this blog is best illustrated on the “Where are We Now” page.

Most of the content on the blog will be from the riders and team themselves, giving you a chance to learn what a true endurance test is really like. If you enjoy what you are reading, PLEASE contribute something to the cause… the world will thank you!