An Appreciated Rest Day

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Janess Beach, The Conclusion Of Laura’s Ride North

Where Last Year’s Ride Ended

A Coastal Community

A Small Town On My Route

A View Of Boston From Cambridge

Quincy Market Indian Food (And A More Appreciated Cold Smoothie)

The State Building

July 9 (Portsmouth to Boston):

Eight straight days of riding tired me out. Apparently more than I knew (see below).

Yesterday’s ride into Boston was set for 72 miles and was relatively flat. The weather was good though a bit warm and humid at the end. The roads in Mass aren’t as good as Maine or New Hampshire but are nothing to complain about.

I took Hwy. 1A south with probably around 12 miles along the coast in NH. The photo of me at the beach commemorates where I dipped my wheels at the end of last year’s ride. No champagne, Sandi, Ale or Bob this time, but the weather was nice so that there were a number of beach goers. And the memories were there.

I didn’t properly charge my Garmin the night before so I didn’t have the info that I usually watch. I also added a few miles because of a mix up with directions but it wasn’t too bad.

What were bad were the voracious flies that left blood spots on me when I had to stop to check directions on my phone. The phone doesn’t work as well in the heat and it was frustrating trying to call up the correct screen while those flies were drawing blood from me. The after effects weren’t too bad but some of the spots still itch today.

Although there wasn’t much climb, and although I wasn’t exactly flying along, I was tired the last 25 to 35 miles or so. The heat and humidity didn’t help but I would guess that the cumulative days had something to do with it.

I would guess that all the of those factors – the approximately 570 total miles, the heat and the humidity – had tired me out more than I knew because while lying in bed after dinner first one leg – from the foot up through my shin – and then the other cramped. It hurt enough that I asked Ale to go out to the truck to get some of my anti-cramp serum. I would like to say it was miraculous but I ended up taking 3 and was still a very unhappy camper for a while. I was finally able to sleep only to have them reappear in the morning though, thankfully, in a much more mild form. They went away and we spent a day of sight seeing, much of it walking, with no reappearance. My fingers are crossed for tomorrow but fortunately the weather will be cooler and the ride is only a bit more than 50 miles.

The last 6 miles of the ride took quite a while because my route led me through the heart of downtown Boston. That was a very different riding experience. A bit scary but interesting. Thankfully the traffic was slow. We ended up in an area called Dorchester which is a 15 minute subway ride from downtown. Our Airbnb stay has been a bit of an experience but since I want to get this posted so I can read a bit before going to bed, that is a story for another time.

We visited downtown and Harvard today and then came back and I did nothing. That was great. Rest was too valuable to do more touristy stuff.

Last night we had Indian food from a booth at Quincy Market and tonight ate at a local Chinese restaurant. The food was edible but not remarkable both places.

By the way, the rest day was good not only to deal with a bit of fatigue but because by the end of yesterday’s ride the seat of my shorts was sticking to me and I am hoping that my Bag Balm is as effective as it has been in the past at healing raw spots. If not, my saddle is going to be VERY uncomfortable tomorrow.

Good night,

PS: Thank you. I do read and appreciate your posts even if I don’t respond to them individually It is just that posting takes far more time than you would think.










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One Response to An Appreciated Rest Day

  1. Sandi Eng says:

    Your day of R&R was well planned and earned. I hope the day off will go a long ways to refresh your legs and spirit. Continue to ride smart and maybe drink some pickle juice? ❤️ S.

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