The Team

Our Riders:

Richard (Rick) Perez

After having ridden on Laura’s Ride 2016, Rick is looking forward to exchanging the cacti and deserts of the Southern Route for the trees and mountains – well, maybe not the climbing that the mountains involve – of the Northern Route. He is a Californian who moved north for law school at UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) where he was a member of the California Law Review after getting his bachelors in economics from UCLA. After a short stint in the Army where he made Captain despite having virtually no military experience, Rick practiced first with a large San Francisco law firm, a former professor in Orinda and then with an Oakland firm before starting what is now Perez & Miller, APC. He sometimes still handles primarily commercial and real estate litigation.

Unlike Nick, his riding partner on Laura’s Ride 2016, Rick can barely swim and is not much better at running. Instead his physical activities consist mostly of pushing weights around and bike riding. In addition to the California to Florida ride, he has ridden the coast of Oregon, the Ice Field Parkway in Canada from Jasper to Banff and numerous centuries. He is very proud to be supporting Laura’s Ride North and, through it, the valuable endeavors of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.  

Nicholas (Nick) Bloisa (Laura’s Ride 2016)

 Nick was born in Lima, Peru. After spending over a year in the Peruvian Army, he graduated with a degree in Economics from the Catholic University – Lima and continued his studies at Torino University – Italy where he received his MBA.

Nick moved to the states in 1985 and has lived in northern California since then. His professional career was in the construction field, holding a B license from the State of California. Nick founded and ran his own construction company.

Since he was very young, Nick has engaged in various sports such as running, swimming and bicycling. He has completed numerous endurance events including triathlons, marathons and century and double-century rides. Nick is pleased and overwhelmed by the support and generosity that so many others are providing for this memorial to Laura. 

After having ridden Laura’s Ride 2016, Nick will be joining Laura’s Ride North for a few days along the route when he is not supporting the ride from home.

Our Support Team:

Alejandra (Ale) Garcia Aragon

After having been one of the drivers for Laura’s Ride 2016, we are pleased to have Alejandra back for Laura’s Ride North. Ale is a psychologist who works at a nonprofit association in Puebla, Mexico, to help people with addiction problems to psychoactive substances. She is a 2011 graduate of Benemerita Universidat Autonoma de Puebla as a psychologist. She spends many of her weekends organizing and conducting tours in Puebla.

After having spent last summer experiencing the route between Santa Monica, California and St. Augustine, Florida, Alejandra is looking forward to exploring a very different part of our country, exchanging deserts and cacti for mountains and trees. That the ride helps raise money that goes directly to assisting people afflicted with breast cancer helps make this adventure not only fun for her but also worthwhile.

Maria Bishop

Maria has been Rick’s secretary/legal assistant for the past 42 years, working tirelessly in the background on his many projects, including Laura’s Ride 2016. Simply stated, Maria’s help over the years has been invaluable. Maria also spends time donating many hours to Mt. Diablo Legal Professionals Association and has served in all officer positions, most currently as its Treasurer.

Maria has been married to Bob for 28 years, has one son, Nick, and is expecting her first grandchild in August 2017. (Her daughter-in-law, Mandy, has also worked for Perez & Miller and benefited from Maria’s guidance and training.)  Maria thinks Rick is nuts for making another trip across the United States, but applauds his support of, and raising money for, breast cancer victims. Maria is looking forward to helping with this worthwhile venture.

Sandra (Sandi) Eng

Rick’s better half, Sandi has been his partner in crime for more than 14 years. Sandi has recently entered the ranks of the “just retired” after 19 years as an executive assistant with The Permanente Medical Group where she honed the organizational skills that she used in helping with Laura’s Ride 2016.

When she’s not strumming away at her ukulele, reading, playing Gummy Drop on her iPad, cooking up a storm or walking Blue, our American Bulldog, you can find her wistfully peering into her numerous buckets to plot new paths along her retiree journey.  Though still a newbie to social media, Sandi’s regular posts kept family and friends updated on Rick’s and Nick’s progress during Laura’s Ride 2016 and her reaching out to share that adventure with friends and colleagues played a key role in our fund raising efforts. Now that she has more “spare” time on her hands, she looks forward to posting on Laura’s Ride North and joining the Team on the East Coast to return the Adventure Mobile from Portsmouth, NH.

Adam Hanin

Adam HAnin
After having created and supported the website for Laura’s Ride 2016, Adam is generously returning to serve the same role for Laura’s Ride North. Adam is a man of many talents. Besides his business career, in which he is an award-winning marketing executive, he also dabbles in web development and voice acting. It is an honor for him to again support this amazing venture and it is our honor to have his valuable help.

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