The Ride

After approximately 35 years as a bicycle rider, I realized a long held dream of riding across the USA last summer when Nick Bloisa and I completed Laura’s Ride 2016 from Santa Monica, California to St. Augustine, Florida. Adding to the sense of accomplishment was the satisfaction of knowing that the ride raised funds to help those afflicted with breast cancer by partnering with the Lazarex Cancer Foundation in honor of Laura Bartron, Nick’s good friend who had succumbed to breast cancer the previous September at the far too young age of 45. Please see the Laura page for more about Laura and here for an overview of the Lazarex Foundation’s history and good deeds.

Laura’s Ride 2016 certainly accomplished my goal of riding across the country. However, after a few months of processing the thoughts and memories of that ride I was left with the feeling that something was missing. Although the 2 months away from home was difficult and battling temperatures as high as 123 degrees was more than enough of a challenge, I know that part of the reason I had chosen the southern route was to avoid the climbing that would be involved by going farther north.

So, I decided that I would like to eliminate that feeling I had avoided something by going about as far north in the USA as I can by riding from Astoria, Oregon to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The challenges of the hot weather will be replaced by the climbing that this route will require, climbing that I am not sure I am prepared for because my conditioning seems to have declined rather than improved since last year. (Because I’m another year older?) Also, this year I won’t have Nick as a riding partner which means that I will miss both the great company and continuing motivation that he provided. I will, however, again have the valuable help of Alejandra – see the Team Page – as well as Sandi’s loving support and help.

Plus, in addition to the personal challenge of remembering to “just keep pedaling,” I will have the added motivation of knowing that I am again riding for a worthy cause. As was true for Laura’s Ride 2016, to add meaning to the adventure, Laura’s Ride North is also devoted to Laura and is raising funds to help those afflicted by breast cancer together with the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. 100% of the donations will go to help those victims because the Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s administrative costs are paid by its generous founders and the riders – anyone who joins for a part of the ride and me – will pay the costs of the ride itself. Go to the “Home” tab to see how to contribute or to become a Sponsor.

This is Laura’s Ride North, and not Laura’s Ride 2017, because unless someone else takes up the challenge, I don’t expect there to be a Laura’s Ride 2018, at least not one across the country! 





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