Genesis of this Ride


This journey around the USA on a bicycle started in 2016 when I realized a long held dream of riding across the country by riding with a friend, Nick Bloisa, from Santa Monica, California to St. Augustine, Florida. The second venture, on which I was the lone cyclist, was from Astoria, Oregon – actually, from Sunset Beach because I wanted to ride sea to sea and Astoria is on a river, not the coast – to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. That was done in large part to erase my feeling that the first ride had avoided the northern route’s mountains even though the scorching temperatures through the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and the smothering humidity in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida had more than made up for that.

The third ride, from Quebec City, Canada to Key West, Florida came after having vowed during the previous ride that I wouldn’t again ride across the country. I rationalized by saying that riding the East Coast was not going “across” the country. I did that ride in large part because of the beauty I had seen in the north on the East Coast the year before. Canada, Maine and northern New York were all beautiful and did not disappoint me after having ridden through the lush green of Wisconsin, parts of Michigan, northern New York, Vermont and New Hampshire the year before. Plus, I looked forward to seeing much of the shore line along the Atlantic though it turned out I saw relatively little of that both because much of the route wasn’t along the coast and when it was, there were frequently dunes that blocked my view of the ocean. However, East Coast seafood is great!

In addition to looking forward to the very different landscape along the East Coast, I was motivated both by wanting to continue with the fight against breast cancer and for the personal reasons that having the long distance goal keeps me riding more than I might otherwise during the rest of the year. I have also admitted that ego is part of the equation; proving to myself that I can still do something that many younger people can’t, and certainly won’t, do.

Now this fourth ride, a ride that I see as being the final leg of this amazing adventure. I have now ridden around 3 sides of the country and it seems only natural that I connect the routes to completely encircle the USA. By riding from Vancouver to the Mexico border I will have ridden the length of all 4 sides of this great and incredibly diverse country of ours.

Of course, underlying all 4 rides has been the more important goal of helping breast cancer victims in conjunction with the Lazarex Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose generous founders pay all overhead costs. Please go to the “Home” tab to see how to contribute or to become a Sponsor.

I hope you follow along with this adventure. Your comments and DONATIONS will of course be appreciated. The latter by me, the former by both me and, more importantly, those fighting breast cancer who are the recipients of your generosity.


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