The Cause

This ride is in memory of all of those who have been afflicted with the horrible disease of breast cancer. Even more importantly, the Laura’s Rides are devoted to helping improve, prolong or hopefully return to normal the lives of people who have had to deal with breast cancer. That is accomplished through the funds that you donate, funds that go to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose generous founders pay all overhead costs. (Please see a description of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s history and good deeds here.) That means that not only do your contributions go to a worthy cause, but you are eligible for a tax deduction.

It is also hoped that these rides will play a small part in increasing awareness of breast cancer so that people can take appropriate preventative measures, including early detection when feasible and possible.

While the cyclist may be propelling the bicycle, it is you, the donors and supporters, who give real meaning to this venture.

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