65 Miles, 3,500′ And Too Much Freeway

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Leaving Albuquerque was much like entering it: far too many off and on ramps with cars and trucks blasting by at 70 or so mph. However, Nick did reduce the amount of distance we were on the freeway at the start by leading us on a route that I protested right up until we – he – finally found an on ramp that was farther north – thus farther out of town – than the one that was near our hotel.
The entire day was spent on the shoulder of Hwy. 25. While most of that was a decent surface and wide enough to feel separated from the traffic, we will both be glad to get on roads that aren’t freeways.
Yesterday was marked by the absence of the headwinds that dogged us on our previous 2 riding days. That made a significant difference.
However, we did gain over 1,100 feet of altitude from start to finish with total climbing of 3,500+ feet. And although much of the temperature was comfortable, it did get to 104. That, together with the lingering effects of my stomach problems and accompanying lack of eating much left me wiped out near the end of the ride. I had previously been feeling good enough to make up a significant amount of distance I had lost to Nick while negotiating the off and on ramps – I stopped at each one to make sure the traffic cleared before crossing lanes whereas he timed his crossings without stopping – but at the end I couldn’t keep up with him.
I thought I was going to call for SAG help after I entered Santa Fe but about 7 miles from where we are staying. The thought of bailing with just 7 miles to go – even though I could say I made it to Santa Fe – was pretty distasteful. But given the way I was feeling, I thought that continuing to push might not be too bright (with consequences likely to be similar to a week or so ago when I continued to ride 20 miles after Nick had the good sense to call it a day because of the 114+ degree temperatures),
However, when we took the off ramp from Hwy. 25 towards our condo – Nick had waited for me at the off ramp – the road started to descend and even the way I was feeling I could do that. A bit of downhill and knowing that we were getting close to the end helped revive me. Not quite enough to beat Nick up another climb – what, a bit of competitiveness even while bonked? – but enough to finish the ride without feeling I was over stressing myself.
Now we are in Santa Fe for 2 whole rest days. If you have never been here, you should plan a visit sometime. At least if you like art galleries and a very laid back atmosphere. Sort of a cross between the high end galleries of Carmel – with more Native American art – and the casualness of small town USA with a town square around a park, street musicians, Native American artisans, what once would have been called “hippies”and, of course, tourists, which include us.
We feel good about what we have done but also talk about the 14 days we have scheduled to cross Texas. That will be a test of our determination. And of Sarah’s and Alejandra’s. However, we have a number of says of riding before that starts.
So far, we are on schedule, a copy of which is attached. You should be able to view it by clicking on it.
Well, we are on schedule with our riding. But the fund raising has stalled. We hope something happens to perk that up because raising funds to support breast cancer victims is of course what this is all about.


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2 Responses to 65 Miles, 3,500′ And Too Much Freeway

  1. Sandi says:

    I recommended the chili in the Fritos bag that you get at the counter of the Five and Dime Variety Store, what a relic from the past! I hope it didn’t upset your stomach more. Enjoy your rest and sight seeing in Santa Fe. Love, Sandi

  2. Annie and Paul says:

    Very impressive guys!! I can’t imagine riding and sharing the road with big rigs. Enjoy your rest days, they are well earned!!

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