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Unlike the previous times when I decided to ride cross country once again after having said that I wouldn’t, there is a logic to making this ride. The logic? Well, after having ridden from Santa Monica, CA to St. Augustine, FL, from Astoria, OR to Portsmouth, NH and from Quebec City, Canada to Key West, FL, I have ridden 3 of the 4 sides of the USA. Only 1 side is left to complete the ride around our country in the fight against breast cancer. So what choice do I have but to complete the “square” by riding from Canada to Mexico along our West Coast, i.e., from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico?

Anyone who has ridden with me recently has good cause to doubt that I will be able to do it this year. I am hoping that my recent difficulties are due more to my missing time on the bike than to deterioration caused by passing year; I am now 72. The former I can remedy by getting out on rides. The latter would be more problematic because I don’t know how to turn the clock back.

I do know that riding is a function of the mind as well as of the body. Training the body to get into shape is necessary to do the ride. However, getting the mind accustomed to tolerating the inevitable physical discomfort of riding is an essential part of the process, especially since tolerating the discomfort is necessary to doing the training. The mind has to be conditioned to not beg the body to pull over and stop when the legs burn and breathing becomes difficult. In that regard I feel a bit encouraged because last Thursday I managed to keep going despite part of my mind yelling at me to pull over to help extinguish the flames in my thighs while I was barely riding up Pig Farm Hill. The fact that I have done that ride numerous times in the past helped but another part of my mind still had to talk myself into staying on the bike. It was like having a devil on one shoulder telling me to stop while having an angel on the other saying that I could make it to the top. Of course, given the pain that caused, that angel may in fact have just been the devil in another incarnation.

Aside from the mental/physical struggle, this ride is a much more important fight against the devil in yet another form. As with the past 3 rides, Laura’s Ride West Coast is devoted to raising funds to help those afflicted with breast cancer and to increase awareness of that horrible disease. This is done by again having 100% of your donations help breast cancer victims through the Lazarex Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose generous founders pay all overhead costs. (Please see a description of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s history and good deeds at

Contributions can be made by credit card by clicking on “DONATE NOW” on the top right of this page or you can avoid the charges associated with that method by sending a check payable to Lazarex Cancer Foundation” to:

Perez & Miller, APC
P.O. Box 1549
Lafayette, CA 94549

In addition to individual donors, we are seeking Sponsors who contribute a minimum of $500.00 to help support the ride and our promotional efforts. Sponsor’s logos will be featured not only on this website but, if received soon enough, also on promotional cards, t-shirts, my bike jersey and car magnets that will go on the ride’s SAG vehicle for at least the rest of the year. Sponsors’ checks should be made payable to “Perez & Miller, Trustee for Laura’s Ride” to the address above. Sponsors will receive a receipt for their tax records from the Lazaex Cancer Foundation.

You can follow this ride’s progress by subscribing to be notified of new postings. I will definitely appreciate your comments to the blogs and your messages. I know from prior years that they serve as a valuable and inspiring reminder that someone is actually paying attention.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Rick Perez.

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